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Dave Pflieger Some Of The World's Largest Airplanes

Some Of The World’s Largest Airplanes

One can imagine Orville or Wilbur Wright getting a glimpse at some of the world’s massive aircraft. These behemoths are unnaturally large. Technically, not all of the flying machines listed are considered airplanes. However,...

Dave Pflieger Biometrics in Aviation

Biometrics in Aviation

I’ve mentioned before the growing interest in technology that our society has taken. Augmented and virtual reality are both taking the video game and entertainment industry by storm, autonomous driving and electric vehicles are...

Dave Pflieger - Living Rooms on an Airplane?

Living Rooms on an Airplane?

  Fold down service, a gym, a spa, and a living area. You probably think I am describing hotel accommodations, right? Wrong. Those features are likely going to be seen in the near future...