A Note From Dave Pflieger

Welcome to Dave Pflieger’s official website. Here, Dave speaks a bit on the aviation industry and any news surrounding it. Currently, Dave Pflieger is the airline advisor for the World Bank Group. Although he is no longer the managing director and CEO of Air Pacific, Fiji’s international airline, Dave is still immersed in the world of aviation. In order to get a better sense of his time as managing director and CEO of Air Pacific, Dave Pflieger has included a copy of his forward from Islands, Air Pacific’s in-flight magazine. Hopefully, it will give you a sense of Dave’s personality and what he wanted to achieve for the airline.

During his time at Air Pacific, Dave Pflieger managed to turn the troubled company around, increasing revenue from $40 million to almost $600 million. Dave also decreased Air Pacific’s operating costs by over $90 million. Dave also led the airline to become one of the most punctual airlines in its league, generating a 15% increase in on-time performance.




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